See How “Speechless” from Disney’s Live-Action Aladdin Came to Life in Featurette with Alan Menken Available Now

Aladdin has hit theaters this weekend and we are just so excited! We hit theaters last night and already have our review up! One of our favorite elements of the film was the music! It took the music we already knew and loved and gave it a really amazing new sound. The standout is the all-new song “Speechless” performed by Naomi Scott.

While the song is a new addition, it fits perfectly into the story and deepens Jasmine’s story in a way we hadn’t seen in 1992. In this exciting new featurette, Alan Menken, Justin Paul, and Benji Pasek discuss the collaboration that got them to the music of the film. Be sure to check out the video below!

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Just can’t get enough of “Speechless?” Be sure to check out the newly released music video here. Want to hear our thoughts on the film as a whole? Catch our full review, containing spoilers, below! We discuss everything from the music to the acting. Leave us a comment on the video letting us know what your personal opinions on the film were!

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