Tale of the Lion King

Look Behind the Scenes at “Tale of the Lion King”, Debuting at Disney California Adventure Park June 7

This summer, “Tale of the Lion King” will come to Disney California Adventure Park. This will honor the classic film being remade into a live-action film this July! The show will feature a traveling troupe, starring a cast of 18 performers, including actors, singers, dancers and drummers on an outdoor stage.

The troupe, the Storytellers of the Pride Lands, specialize in retelling stories in their own special ways. This brings one of your favorite Disney classics to the stage in an all-new and exciting contemporary style. They will not only tell the tales of our favorite lions through song but dance and language as well. It is sure to be something that you can’t miss!

Watch the video below for a look behind the scenes with Creative Director Susana Tubert and the team at Disney Parks Live Entertainment. This quick minute and a half features workshops and a look into the rehearsals as the performers gear up for the June premiere.

In this unique story-theatre production, the scenic, prop, and costume designs celebrate the spirit of Africa. All-new musical arrangements have been written for the most treasured songs from “The Lion King,” creating a score for the show with elements we associate with the emotional sweep of the original compositions, yet focused on the vocal performances of the actors and music from the drummers to drive a unique percussive sound.

What do you think of the upcoming “Tale of the Lion King?” Are you excited to see it when it debuts at Palisades Park on June 7? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!