See How Disneyland Resort Cast Members Celebrate Earth Day – By Creating an Art Showcase Made Entirely from Recycled Materials!

Each year, Disneyland Resort Cast Members celebrate Earth Day by creating art pieces out of recycled materials. The Environmentality Art Challenge takes place earlier in the year, so the recycled art can be displayed for most of Earth Month. These pieces get put on display for resort guests to see, and they can even vote on a favorite. They were showcased in the Ahwanee Camp Circle in the Redwood Creek Trail. Ten pieces are on display this year, and we wanted to give you a look at what the Cast Members created. This is a fun and innovative way to recycle some of the materials used at the resort. It’s also a fun way to inform people about how they can help recycle and protect our planet. If you’re  headed to the park today, you can still see these on display. 



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