Little Life Warriors go all-in at Hong Kong Disneyland EGGventure

HONG KONG, April 14, 2019 – The Walt Disney Company has a rich legacy of supporting children and families going through a very difficult time. Hong Kong Disneyland Resort (HKDL) joined hands with the Little Life Warrior Society (LLWS) to host an egg-hunting event at the resort at the eve of Easter. Around 200 brave young patients, their families and rehabilitators went all-in to discover almost a hundred Disney Character eggs at LLWS’s annual “EGGventure” event today, which aimed to bring encouragement and happiness for the sick kids.

Secretary for Food and Health Professor Sophia Chan Siu-chee, managing director of HKDL Stephanie Young and Honorary Patron of LLWS Anthony Wu Ting-yuk also joined the action to cheer on the little life warriors.

Professor Sophia Chan thanked LLWS for its efforts on assisting young patients who fought cancer, severe blood diseases and endured bone marrow transplants. “The Government always attaches great importance to children’s health. We are committed to enhancing the pediatric medical services. Hong Kong Children’s Hospital opened last December provides comprehensive and high quality inpatient, outpatient and daytime medical services for young patients under 18,” she said.

Managing director of HKDL, Stephanie Young believes Disney’s timeless stories have touched the hearts and lifted the spirits of many generations and brought comfort to sick kids and their families during difficult times. “All little life warriors share the same strength and power as our Marvel Super Heroes.  You overcome fears, challenges and worries every day. You are braver and bigger than you seem!” said Young.

Fighting cancer in high spirit

The little life warriors also joined Marvel Super Heroes in the battle against evil forces at the resort’s newest Marvel attraction Ant-Man and The Wasp: Nano Battle! and the popular Iron Man Experience.

The little life warriors have been through untold challenges in their fight against cancer. Altan Chan, a leukemia patient, was diagnosed at four and had endless rounds of chemotherapy before the age of six. Now at primary four, Chan had to take leave from school for a year for his treatments. Chan’s mother was his strongest supporter when he endured the painful treatments. “My mother said I was just like a Super Hero who had to fight evil forces. In my battle against cancer, as long as I kept fighting, I could overcome all challenges.”

After three years of chemotherapy, Chan is in remission. He became a Marvel fan during his battle against cancer, and Ant-Man is one of his favorites. “Ant-Man can shrink to a small size. I am also iny. We can both be very powerful despite our size. We will not be defeated by setbacks because we are Super Heroes,” Chan said.

Laura Ng was diagnosed with leukemia in 2014. After three rounds of chemotherapy and a series of follow-up treatments, she was in remission for a while but then relapsed in 2016. Her prognosis was not good and she needed a bone marrow transplant, which brought a whole new set of challenges. “It was the harshest time of my life. The side effects of chemotherapy got worse. I suffered constant headaches. The fever never went down. My mouth was covered with painful ulcers. The transplant rejection symptoms were unpredictable. I was suffering physically and felt empty emotionally as I was all alone in an isolation ward,” Ng recalled.

As a Marvel fan, Ng kept watching the Marvel Super Heroes movies to find emotional support. “The movies were full of humor and helped me forget my pain momentarily. All Super Heroes are always positive when facing challenges, protecting their loved ones, the earth and the universe. I needed to maintain the same optimism and have the strength to take care of myself. I needed to show my family my positive attitude to thank them for their care.”

Ng’s condition has been stabilizing with good care from her family and the medical teams. As a grown-up now, she has joined LLWS as a director to lend her support to the little life warriors and has participated in its voluntary works, such as serving as an event emcee and English tutor. Under the HKDL andLLWS arrangement, Ng met Paul Rudd, who played the role of Ant-Man; movie director Peyton Reed; president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, and other Marvel team members at the opening event of Ant-Man and The Wasp: Nano Battle! on March 28. Ng’s painting of Ant-Man received a thumbs-up from Paul Rudd and it made her day.

Committed to caring for society as a member of the local community, HKDL seeks to inspire little life warriors with the strengths and self-belief of Marvel Super Heroes to bravely face the challenges life has thrown at them.