Disney+ Streaming Service

Disney+ Streaming Service Gets November 12 Launch Date and Pricing

Are you ready for the excitement of all your favorite Disney movies to come to your home! The previously announced Disney+ streaming service will do just that for you! With everything from all the Star Wars films to exciting new nonfiction projects for the platform, this service will be sure to keep everyone in your family entertained!

Today, we are excited to announce that we finally have a launch date and pricing structure for the service! The Disney+ streaming service will be available to everyone starting November 12. The platform will run for $6.99/mo. Want to prepay for the year! That will come out to $69.99/year! If you break down the yearly payment, it is quite the value. The math for the yearly payment ends up saving money, as it is nearly $15 cheaper to prepay!

When Disney+ Streaming Service was first announced, the only news on payment was that it would be cheaper than other streaming services. With Netflix at $12.99/mo and Hulu’s commercial-free plan for $11.99/mo, Disney+ is proving to be the most affordable option!

Of course, this is just the beginning of all the exciting news that has come out today! Be sure to keep your eyes here on DAPS MAGIC to see all the Marvel, Star Wars, and even just general Disney content that was announced today!

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