As Walt Disney World gears up to welcome Star Wars this August, the parks have started to make adjustments! Today, Disney announced the changes that would be coming to the tickets. We’re here to share the ticket prices that you will see if you’re planning a trip this year!

Currently, the increases have only taken effect from December 17-31 but we expect to see these prices carry into 2020. Tiered pricing was introduced late last year and we’re seeing the peak days jump up at the end of 2019. At peak, 1-day tickets have jumped to $159. Currently, the peak 1-Day Tickets sit at $139.

Of course, the price changes are always in an effort to help have every guest have a positive experience. Ticket prices increase as a response to crowds and more popular things coming to the park.

Every change in price is generally met with debate within the Disney community. DAPS MAGIC believes that price increases are actually a good thing for the guest experience. It is expected that prices will continue to increase annually, especially with the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Check out our full video on “Geekanomics” below to learn more about why we see annual increases.

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