Sunday Spotlight: Disney Afternoon After Dark

This week the Disneyland Resort hosted guests to a special ticketed event. Disneyland After Dark – 90s Nite was a celebration of Disney of the 1990s. Throughout the course of the night, there were lots of different experiences available. One of the best, according to the DAPS MAGIC team, was the fireworks show Disney Afternoon After Dark.

Disney Afternoon After Dark was a celebration in the sky of Disney Afternoon. The fireworks show used music, fireworks, and some other special lighting effects to take guests back to the 1990s. The show began with some sound clips from the 90s and then pivoted into the theme song for the Disney Afternoon. It was followed by a Darkwing Duck segment. Jim Cummings, the voice of Darkwing Duck, appeared to have recorded some new lines for this fireworks show.  Next was the theme song for Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers. This was followed by the Gummy Bears theme song. TaleSpin was the next Disney Afternoon show to be featured. DuckTales then arrived to the delight of the guests in attendance. The show culminated with I 2 I from A Goofy Movie. While technically not a part of the Disney Afternoon, it did continue the story originated in Goof Troop.

The show, created for the Disneyland After Dark – 90s Nite, was received with lots of enthusiasm by the guests in attendance. It was a pleasant surprise during a very fun evening. You can watch the entire show below. Then, share in the comments what your favorite part of the Disney Afternoon After Dark fireworks show was!



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