Housing Grant

Disneyland Resort Helps Tackle Homelessness in California Through $5 Million Housing Grant

Housing situations in California can be dire for many citizens. From affordability issues to homelessness, almost every single city struggles with it in some capacity. We are excited to announce that Disneyland Resort is stepping in to help make a difference in the surrounding community. The aid comes in the form of a $5 million housing grant that will impact Anaheim residents.

Housing Grant

Today, the Disneyland Resort publically committed the grant to Orange County Housing Trust. The trust, originally established in January 2010, is dedicated to increasing the supply and availability of affordable housing units in Orange County.

“Communities need permanent supportive housing to help address homelessness and the housing affordability challenges impacting nearly every city throughout California,” said Josh D’Amaro, President of Disneyland Resort. “We are proud to support the Orange County Housing Trust with a $5 million grant that will be focused on Anaheim-based projects and look forward to the Trust’s role in addressing this need in our community.”

The $5 million grant from Disneyland Resort is the first leadership-level commitment received by Orange County Housing Trust in support of gap financing for the acquisition, development, and construction of permanent supportive and affordable housing projects in Orange County.

Disneyland Difference in the Community

Disneyland Resort is no stranger to making a difference in the community! Every year, Disneyland hosts the annual CHOC Walk in the Park. The event helps raise money for Children’s Hospital of Orange County and Disneyland helps make the event as magical as it can be. Lending the park as a venue for the fundraising walk, both Disneyland guests and CHOC families get together to help make Orange County and even more magical place!

How do you hope to see Disneyland make a difference in Southern California next? Let us know in the comments!