Director Rob Marshall & Angela Lansbury Share Memories and Magic Ahead of Mary Poppins Returns Arrival in Homes

Mary Poppins Returns - Mr. DAPsRecently members of the media were invited to the Walt Disney Studios ahead of the home entertainment release of Mary Poppins Returns. While there, the media were shown a special behind-the-scenes about the making of the film. After this, director Rob Marshall arrived to share about the making of this movie and how the original Mary Poppins impacted him. Halfway through the interview, he was joined by Angela Lansbury, who portrayed the Balloon Lady in Mary Poppins Returns. Throughout the group interview, the two were asked questions about the movie and also their careers. After the interview, members of the media were invited to experience a bit of movie magic. All of this made for an incredible day at the Walt Disney Studios.

The event began by showing those in attendance a special feature series from the upcoming home release of Mary Poppins Returns. This included a look at how Mary Poppin’s entrance in the movie was filmed. It also gave a look at the moving moments that were Dick Van Dyke on set. Couple these moments with a look at how the film was made, and it was a joy to get a glimpse at how this movie was made.

Following the showing of the special feature, director Rob Marshall was introduced. Rob Marshall had many different things to share about the passion and heart that went into Mary Poppins Returns. From the actors all hopping on board, to making an original musical, to adapting the P.L. Travers books into the original story for this movie, there was a lot of love put into this movie. The film took place in the 1930s, 25 years after the original movie, to reflect the feel of the books which were also written in the 30s.

Marshall also shared about how he had Emily Blunt fly above the trees for her initial entrance in the movie. Between seeing the special features coverage of this and hearing him talk about the moment, it sounds like it was breathtaking… and also humorous. Blunt was clearly not looking forward to filming this moment. Marshall convinced her to do it by saying “it’s not you that’s coming in, it’s Mary Poppins coming in.” The results are now part of the film and a beautiful moment.

Angela Lansbury & Rob Marshall - Mary Poppins Returns Event
Angela Lansbury & Rob Marshall – Mary Poppins Returns Event

Halfway through the interview, Rob Marshall introduced a very special guest. He said, “for me, probably one of the greatest actors that has ever lived on this planet.” Angela Lansbury than entered and the questions continued. One of the first questions was about how Lansbury felt about being a part of the retelling of such a classic tale. She shared how she felt a bit like a “fish out of water.” Marshall chimed in and said about how her “small amount of screen time but it feels so big because it’s Angela.” He also shared about the magic she brings to the film and how her legacy and impact was “the honor of my life to have her there.” Lansbury shared how special the experience was for her as well as her Granddaughter was on hand to experience the filming.

As the interview continued, both shared the magic of Mary Poppins and how she connects with the children. “There’s nothing like magic, believe me,” shared Lansbury. As the interview continued and concluded, Marshall shared about how iconic Angela Lansbury is. “She is my hero and there’s no one like her. The word original is thrown around way too much, but this woman is an original. Period.” 

Mary Poppins Returns will be arriving on Digital 4K Ultra HD™ and Movies Anywhere March 12 and on 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray™ March 19. Enjoy the full interview for this special day here:

Visiting the Walt Disney Studios always has a bit of magic involved. Walking where Walt Disney walked definitely is very special. Getting to hear from Rob Marshall about the making of Mary Poppins Returns and then also Angela Lansbury made an already good day, absolutely fantastic. On top of the incredible experience, it was wonderful to get a glimpse at some of the special features that will be included with Mary Poppins Returns when it arrives for our home viewing enjoyment. There are some humorous moments in the extra futures and also some absolutely beautiful moments. Getting to look behind the scenes as Dick Van Dyke filmed Mary Poppins Returns was incredibly moving.

Mary Poppins Returns arrives on Digital 4K Ultra HD™ and Movies Anywhere March 12 and on 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray™ March 19. The bonus features that have been shown at this event were a blast to see. It will be fun to see the rest and also rewatch this film!

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  1. Very nice interview, but the piano playing in the background during the whole thing is INCREDIBLY ANNOYING!

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