THE DAPSIES 2019 – GEEKS CORNER – Episode 921 (#439)

Welcome to the 2019 DAPSIES Awards! This year the geeks once again pass out 25 awards in about 25 minutes. There are also three short films included in this year’s program. We hope you enjoy this awards show!



  1. Avengers – Infinity War – “oh snap!”
  2. Black Panther – “I bet you didn’t know Trevor Noah was in this”
  3. Solo – “Childish Gambino Donal Glover Award of Excellence”
  4. Incredibles 2 – “Best Cameo by Rocket Raccoon”
  5. Mary Poppins Returns – “Only a Matter of time before Lin Manuel-Miranda rapped”


  1. Chris Pratt Candlelight – our most viewed video of the year
  2. Duck Commercial for Disneyland Paris – “Duck L’Orange Award”
  3. Guy on a Buffalo – “because we failed to give you an award last year”
  4. Melodica Men – “Blowing Hot Air Award”
  5. Jenny Rae TV – “Is There Anything She Can’t Do”


  1. Pete Docter & Jennifer Lee – “Work Power Couple”
  2. Domee Shi – “SHE ATE THE BABY?”
  3. Angela Lansbury – “Is That Angela Lansbury?”
  4. Bret Iwan – “Our Favorite Engineer”
  5. Stan Lee – “Excelsior”


  1. Kingdom Hearts 3 – “What Character is That? Are They Important?”
  2. The Void – “Aren’t you a little short to be a stormtrooper?”
  3. Belle Tokyo Disneyland Resort – “Something Wasn’t There Before”
  4. Pirates of the Caribbean – “Everything Changed Except the Water Smell”
  5. Incredicoaster – “This Ride is Better with Giacchino”

The Corner

  1. Luke – “He’s Single… Ladies”
  2. Clocky – ” The Most Interesting Man in the World”
  3. Mike – “we wanted to give you an award”
  4. Madie & Co – “Practical Pig Award”
  5. Krystyn Slack Photography – “Ready the Cannons”



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