Sunday Spotlight: Indiana Jones Adventure

The Indiana Jones Adventure at Disneyland is one of those must-do attractions at the Disneyland Resort. The attraction originally opened on March 3, 1995, as Temple of the Forbidden Eye. The attraction allows guests to go on an adventure with Indiana Jones himself, with the help of Sallah.

The attraction takes place in 1935 in India. As guests go through the queue, they learn about the Temple of the Forbidden Eye from 12 letters and telegrams and also three newsreels that are played. The adventure is set up because Dr. Indiana Jones has put together a map scroll documenting where a long lost Bengalese Temple is located. The Temple of the Forbidden Eye contains countless artifacts that “belong in a museum.” Indiana Jones is on a quest to uncover these artifacts that have been hidden for two thousand years after a flood buried the Lost River Delta where the temple is located. Inside the temple, a deity named Mara offers gifts of earthly riches, eternal youth, or visions of the future for those who follow its rules. The main rule, don’t look into the eyes of Mara!

As Dr. Jones prepares to explore the Temple of the Forbidden Eye, he, unfortunately, has run out of funding for the exhibition. As always, Sallah comes to the rescue. He does this by offering tours of the Temple to raise money for Indy. While some tourists have ended up finding incredible riches and good fortune because of these tours, others have been lost and not returned. In an effort to find the missing tourists, Indiana Jones enters the temple to seek them out. That was a week ago, now Indiana Jones and the tourists are both missing. As a side goal, Jones is also seeking the mysterious “Jewel of Power” that is the Temple of the Forbidden Eye’s power source. Abner Ravenwood believed that this could be found inside beyond the Gates of Doom. Throughout all of this, Marcus Brody asks Sallah to continue the tours in hopes of finding Indiana Jones.

This is the adventure that guests set off on as they board their transports and enter the Temple of the Forbidden Eye. Of course, things go less than perfect as someone inevitably looks into the eyes of Mara. Soon guests find themselves on an adventure as they careen through the Temple in search of Indiana Jones. The Indiana Jones Adventure is a classic attraction that allows guests to experience that a day in the life of Indiana Jones is like!

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