Star Wars The Last Jedi International Trailer - C-3P0

Anthony Daniels Wraps Shooting on Star Wars: Episode IX As C-3P0

Star Wars actor Anthony Daniels has finished shooting his scenes as C-3P0 for Star Wars: Episode IX. The announcement came via a post on twitter by Daniels.

Anthony Daniels first appeared as C-3P0 in 1977’s original Star Wars, now titled Star Wars: A New Hope. Since then, he has reprised the role in every Star Wars movie in the Skywalker Saga. The future for C-3P0 is unknown as this movie will conclude the Skywalker Saga. But will it also conclude 3P0’s run in the Star Wars universe as well? This tweet sure sounds like there is some finality to it.

What do you think? Will there be more of this proper droid or is this the end of C-3P0’s run? Share your thoughts in the comments below!