Trying Everything (and More) at Disney’s New Tropical Hideaway – DAPS FOOD REVIEW

This weekend, Tropical Hideaway opened to guests at the Disneyland Resort. We knew we had to try some of the items on the menu but we had no idea we would end up trying every single food offering! Enjoy as we take you through our complete trip through the Tropical Hideaway!

Bao – $5.99

The Bao definitely act as the main savory food items at the Tropical Hideaway. One bun is easily enough for a hearty snack to hold you over until your next meal. We absolutely loved the flavors in the Lime Chicken Bao and it was easily one of our favorite offerings in the new restaurant! The vegetable bao and the beef bao both had excellent flavors but didn’t quite meet our level of the chicken. Though they weren’t our favorite, all three offerings were incredibly tasty and we would easily order them again!

Whips ($5.69) and Loaded Whips ($7.99)

With a Tropical Hideaway connected to Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room, you’re going to expect some Dole Whips! These absolutely did not disappoint. The standout to us was the raspberry whip, which was the perfect blend of creaminess and tartness. It was the perfect, light dessert! The loaded whip was, of course, a must-try. We definitely recommend splitting this among friends! Four of us polished this off fairly easily but it could definitely be doable with two! It was tasty and incredibly fresh and we hope to see more loaded whips come soon!

Sweet Lumpia $6.99

This sweet little pineapple treat is definitely a nice little dessert. It comes with two, so it is easy to share with a friend. While I thought the cream cheese was a little overpowering, Mr. DAPs had no problem finishing off his piece of the sweet lumpia quickly. Though both of us aren’t the biggest fans of pineapple, the sweetness of the fruit wasn’t overwhelming in the slightest!

& More!

Murray came to our table with the chilled ramen shaker and had nothing but good things to say! The only downside to this snack is the cashews had an overpowering flavor. The real star of the show was the whip that was stacked with bacon! We didn’t even know this was an option! We went again later that night and had a friend get a raspberry whip with bacon and proceeded to mix it with the spicy sauce from the bao. The possibilities are endless at tropical hideaway!

Our favorites

The winners of The Tropical Hideaway were definitely the raspberry whip and the chicken bao! These were the menu items that we just couldn’t stop raving about, no matter how full we were!

Check out the full video of our review below!



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What are you most excited to try on the menu? What other secret menu items are there? Let us know!