Tropical Hideaway Now Open at Disneyland to Entertain Guests and Their Taste Buds

Disneyland has quietly opened the Tropical Hideaway in Adventureland for a soft opening. The newest treasure trove of eats features some great food and hidden details that make it a fun place to get a meal. The Tropical Hideaway will be officially opening on Friday, December 21st!


The Hideaway features two market stalls where guests can grab and go and pay at central registers. One stand features a variety of Dole Whips. Flavors featured are orange, pineapple, and raspberry. Whips can be done up in swirls or in floats, or on their own with the flavors. The Tropical Ambush is a shareable treat with whip, pocky sticks as spears, and fruit to top it. Cast members bang a gong and yell “We’ve got an ambush!” when someone orders it.

At the other stand are a variety of bao buns. Chicken, beef bulgogi, and vegetable are the flavors of buns. Also featured here are the famous Pongo Lumpias that was first introduced in World of Avatar over in Animal Kingdom. The Lumpias are spring roll-like desserts with pineapple cream cheese and cinnamon sprinkled on the outside. When you order it comes in two along with a dipping sauce!

Not at the stand to order, but right across and below is a Ramen Shaker. It appears to be a salad type entrée with noodles and the ability to shake the spices together. As strange as it may sound, I think it’s a great item to pick up and take for on the go eating.
The atmosphere features the same decor as the Jungle Cruise and Enchanted Tiki Room that it’s nestled between. There are oars hanging with names of various rivers and bird perches of famous Tiki birds above the Dole Whip stand.

Chicken bao bun, pineapple and raspberry Dole Whip float, and the Pongo Lumpias


Of course, there is Rosita who has made her nest here. She is right by the Jungle Cruise river and tells some jokes that could be right from the attraction.


The Tropical Hideaway is a wonderful addition to the Disneyland menagerie of eating establishments. It’s a much-needed type of food place, too, as it’s easy to order what you want and take it anywhere. The bao and ramen shaker are two items that haven’t appeared in the park, which gives a much-needed variety to food options. Having additional flavors of Dole Whips and the new to Disneyland Pongo Lumpia are some great snack additions.

The casual sitting arrangement is a great addition to the park as well. It’s nice to have somewhere to sit in Adventureland and with some themed things to view while eating. Rosita isn’t obnoxiously loud, and you can also hear the Jungle Cruise a bit while sitting for a while. The music is some classic Disney 60’s tracks, which adds a nostalgic ambiance.

History Come Full Circle

Speaking of the 60’s this does bring some history of the area full circle. There was a Hawaiian themed eating establishment that closed in the early 90’s for Aladdin’s Oasis. There was also plans way back when to not have the Tiki Room as we know it today, but have a restaurant with real birds at first, then animatronic birds that entertained while dining. Now we’re back to a tropical themed eatery, and there’s a talking bird to entertain while eating. There are some nods to Aladdin’s Oasis in the form of an Instragrammable lamp cove, and the Magic Carpet embedded in tile at the entrance.

What do you think of the new Tropical Hideaway? Let us know in the comments below!

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