In the new advert from Disneyland Paris, guests are treated to a heart-warming story of a sweet little duck and his hero!

The video, that has taken Disney social media by storm, features a little duck that finds a comic book featuring the famous Donald Duck. The duckling steals everyone’s hearts as he tries to recreate the poses and the sounds of Donald Duck. When the weather changes, he and his family have to fly away from their local pond, leaving his Donald comic book to deteriorate.

Feeling dejected, our little duck leaves their hideaway from the storm to walk. When he realizes there is a shadow above him, he looks up to find the one and only Donald Duck! In a particularly emotional moment, the ducks reach out to each other to embrace. The advert for Disneyland Paris ends with a look to the sky and the writing “where magic gets real”.

This was part of a social media promotion by Disneyland Paris featuring the hashtag #WhereIsTheDuckling. Twitter immediately was up in arms over the apparently missing duckling. We are so glad that not only has he been found but he has found a home in one of the most magical places on earth! Check out the ad for yourself here:

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