Redwood Creek Challenge Trail Magical Holiday Moments – Sundays with DAPs

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Christmas has arrived at the Disneyland Resort and is in full swing now! The decorations are up, Santa and his elves are out, and the Disneyland Resort is the merriest place on Earth! The DAPS MAGIC team arrived at the Disneyland Resort in the early afternoon. It was a pleasant surprised to discover that the park wasn’t insanely busy.

Seeing that the parks weren’t too busy, the group ran over to the Rivers of America and secured Fastpasses for Fantasmic! Fastpasses in hand, it was time to get some coffee for the week’s #dapscaf2018. The team also got to work recording this week’s new DAPs vlog. If you haven’t checked these out yet, you probably should. They are the brainchild of Caitie Bear and offer a completely different look at a day at Disneyland.

After listening to some Dapper Dans, piano playing, and other entertainment, it was time to get a spot for A Christmas Fantasy Parade. A spot was chosen across from the Matterhorn. This would prove to be a less than ideal choice when Mr. DAPs (me) was chosen to help tell the story of Cinderella by Peter Pan. This definitely passed the time… for some.

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Following storytime and then A Christmas Fantasy Parade (which was a blast!), the Dicken’s Yuletide Band were sought out and found in the hub near Jolly Holiday. This festive bunch play some classic Disney tunes and are always a joy to watch. Their name is perfect for them and their music really does transport you into the world of A Christmas Carol.

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Before the second A Christmas Fantasy Parade arrived, it was decided to have dinner in Disney California Adventure. Dinner was enjoyed at Pacific Wharf with various team members grabbing food from the different restaurants. In fact, I think each restaurant was visited by various DAPS MAGIC team members. After dinner, it was time for some Christmas magic. The team headed over to Redwood Creek Challenge Trail for a magical snow moment and to check out all the other offerings Santa brought with him.

Then it was time for dessert and a ride through Monsters, Inc, it was time to head to Paradise Park and enjoy a couple of sets of Phat Cat Swinger! This is a favorite for the team and every effort is made to watch them as often as possible! They were rocking it this week (as they do every week) and the energy was electric. The music was awesome. And it made for an incredible evening at the Disneyland Resort!

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The excitement and positivity that Phat Cat Swinger brings to Disney California Adventure is infectious. Between sets, people chatted and it was fun to make new friends and also chat with old ones. Following the second set, it was time to return to Disneyland to watch Fantasmic!

The evening was cooling off by now and getting a spot in the center close to the water might not have been the wisest move. However, it did lead to some really cool pictures! Although being a bit wet by the end of the show, it was a blast to watch. It really is a good show!

The night ended with a bunch of photos taken of the Christmas decorations on Main Street, USA. The crowd had thinned out quite a bit by then so it made for a very nice low-key end of the day at the Disneyland Resort. These are the best kinds of days at Disneyland. They aren’t insanely busy but there is that fun energy and excitement in the air. It was great seeing so many awesome people and we can’t wait to get back to the park next Sunday!


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