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Harrison Ford’s Last Ride as Indiana Jones Reportedly Taking Filming Adventures Across the Globe Ahead of 2021 Release

Indiana Jones will be going on global adventures when the fifth movie of the series films ahead of its 2021 release. In an interview with ComingSoon, producer Frank Marshall shared some tidbits about the film. Where Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was filmed predominantly in the United States, Indiana Jones 5 will be going global. Much like earlier movies in the series, filming locations will be in multiple locations outside of the United States.

Filming locations won’t be the only thing changing in the production of Indiana Jones 5 though. For this film, George Lucas will also not be involved. Marshall shared, “I love being with George and having his input, but life changes and we’re moving on. He moved on. We’re very respectful of the original intentions of the movie, certainly Harrison’s character. The serialization of what the original intention was. I’d love to have George there. I love being around George and working with him, obviously. It’ll be a little different, because the ideas are coming from a different place now.”

This will be the final Indiana Jones for Harrison Ford. Work is getting started on the writing process. It has already been announced that Jonathan Kasden will be writing the movie. He will also be aided by a team who will be pulling the story together. Marshall said, “I’m just here trying to get the writers room together.” He continued, “Well, I dunno if you’d call it a writers room, but a lot of people that we trust pitch ideas and things. Gathering info.”

While this isn’t a ton of news about the next Indiana Jones film, it is news. It also shows that progress is still moving forward on the next film. It is scheduled to be released on July 9, 2021.

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