Experience the Joy of Mobile Ordering with These New Additions to the Disneyland Resort

Mobile ordering at the Disneyland Resort is getting bigger and better every day! Today, we are excited to announce even more locations with this service to make your trip the best possible!

New Locations
  • Edelweiss Snacks
  • Stage Door Cafe
  • Refreshment Corner
  • Royal Street Veranda

With the mobile ordering service at the Disneyland Resort having now expanded to more than twenty locations, there are so many opportunities to munch on something tasty all day long! Not only are the core menu items available for ordering on the Disneyland app, but you can order some seasonal favorites with the app as well! Act quickly, because the snacks that have materialized for Halloween will disappear as soon as you can say “Boo!”, and you wouldn’t want to miss them! Check out the list of all the Halloween goodies here.

Unfamiliar with the mobile ordering process? Check out our video tutorial and walk-through of locations from when mobile order was first introduced to the Disneyland Resort below!

Are you excited about these additions to the app? What are you going to mobile order first? Let us know!