Party with Mickey Mouse and the Gang at the World’s Biggest Mouse Party at Shanghai Disney Resort

Mickey Mouse has taken to Shanghai for the party of a lifetime! The Shanghai Tourism Festival welcomed the Disney gang on a float exclusive to the festival and will continue to spread cheer and happiness until the end of the festival!

“Mouse Party” has been moving and shaking with Mickey and his friends, including Pluto, Donald, Daisy, and Chip & Dale and is continuing to dance and party its way across Shanghai! Along the way, Mickey and the gang invite everyone to celebrate Shanghai Disney Resort’s fifth consecutive year participating in the Shanghai Tourism Festival. The resort was recognized as an “Excellent Organizer” at the festival last year and received the honor of “Best Performance” in 2016.

This float is designed to kick off the World’s Biggest Mouse Party celebrating Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday this November. All the parks are planning on celebrating worldwide, bringing joy to every corner of the world that Mickey Mouse has brought magic to!

To catch the last day of the “Mouse Party” float on October 6, head to the closing of the Shanghai Tourism Festival at Shanghai Disney Resort’s Disneytown too wish the float a fond farewell!

To see the beginning of Mickey’s celebration and make magic in Shanghai, be sure to catch this float before the party ends!


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