Hong Kong Children’s Hospital Kicks off “Dress Well” Project with Help of Hong Kong Disneyland Team of Heroes to Help Make Magic for Patients

Earlier this year, Disney announced the Disney Team of Heroes initiative, a philanthropic initiative and outreach program to help improve the lives of children in hospitals across the globe. Today, Hong Kong Disneyland launched the “Dress Well” program in partnership with Hong Kong children’s hospital to help keep young patients comfortable with Disney magic!

The project spreads across three categories – regular pajamas, jackets, and pajama tops for intravenous therapy. The clothing contains patterns of familiar Disney characters so all young patients can use it as an opportunity for a fun game of “eye spy” with their pajamas. The items are also made from a softer material to help prevent irritation and provides more coverage for privacy.

This program is committed to making children’s lives much easier and comfortable when it has to be spent in a hospital. The Walt Disney Company announced this $100 million commitment that will help improve the lives of children around the world.

What do you think of the new “Dress Well” program? Where do you want to see it go next?