Get a Look Into the Creatures of Solo: A Star Wars Story with this Concept Art to Celebrate the Film Available on Blu-Ray Today

Ready for the ride of a lifetime? Solo: A Star Wars Story is available today on Blu-Ray! Along with seeing our favorite smuggler’s origin story, we got an inside look at the concept art for Solo!

Not only did we get to see inside the creatures and costumes, but we also got a chance to hear from the actors themselves what being a part of the Star Wars franchise means to them! Here are some quips from those who made the movie a reality!


“This project is bigger than you can wrap your head around. It’s wonderful. Stepping into the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon is especially surreal. You get in there and you can’t believe you’re inside. It’s an amazing feeling. That’s the set everyone wants to see when they visit you at work. They want to have that experience, too. After a couple of months of shooting, you’re inside the Millennium Falcon and you’re flying it; you know where all the buttons are and you know how the chair feels. That’s when you go, ‘Okay, this is my ship now.’ That feeling was deeply gratifying.”


“It felt like a dream walking on to the Solo set for the very first time. It’s tough to find the words to describe it. You can’t help but smile and feel like a child. It was amazing. The very first scene I shot for the movie was the scene with the card game, sabacc. I sat down at that table with all those creatures and it felt incredible. You sit there and you enjoy every second. You touch things. You talk to the creatures. You talk to the people under the table operating the creatures. It was really cool. We played sabacc for three days straight, but I’d learned a lot of card tricks before that. I also learned a couple of tricks on rolling the dice. We spent a lot of time playing sabacc for this movie.”


“The first Solo set I walked on to was the mud pit where audiences get to meet Chewie for the very first time. Seeing the pit was a dreary moment for me, because I knew I was going to roll around in that mud for a very long time shooting the fight scene with Han. For those scenes, I often wore a wetsuit underneath the Chewbacca suit to protect me from the cold. I was wet the whole time and there was mud everywhere in that pit – and it was cold. I’d been practicing stunts for two months before we got to set, but it would all culminate in that mud pit. I was excited because the screenplay was so good. I knew it was going to be an amazing movie.”


“When we were taken through to the cockpit, everyone instantly regressed to being eight-year-old kids. Everyone was desperate to press all the buttons, but we were also scared that we might take off. It was strangely emotional and panicky and hyperactive in there. I think the producers knew they had to bring us in at least an hour early, so that we could calm down from the magic of seeing it for the first time.


“What did it feel like to walk on to the set? It was pretty astonishing really. It felt like you had to feign a sense of cool, because internally you were freaking out. It was like, ‘Okay, we’re cool. Everything’s going to be cool.’ But inside I was blown away and I was really, really excited.”


“The attention to detail on the sets was incredible. I was blown away by it all. There was a cyclorama [a 360-degree view] of [the Italian mountain range] the Dolomites outside the yacht, and it was actually the Dolomites because I recognized the mountains. The cyclorama is a big screen, which actually moved when the vehicle was supposed to be moving. The light changed on the mountains and animals flew into shot. It was incredible.”

Check out a closer look into some of the concepts below!

Are you rushing out to get Solo: A Star Wars Story on Blu-Ray today? What are you looking forward to seeing most? We want to know!



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