Foodies Join Together for a Delicious Evening to Support CHOC Children’s for the Taste of Downtown Disney

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On Thursday night Downtown Disney was the place for foodies to be. The 11th annual Taste of Downtown Disney Event was held to support CHOC Children’s. This is one of the events surrounding the 2018 CHOC Walk in the park. For this year’s event, there were several different experience options. One was the regular Taste of Downtown Disney. With this, guests could experience some of the delicious food offered in Downtown Disney.

Team DAPS MAGIC was put with the white group for the evening. The evening’s festivities began at Catal Restaurant & Uva Bar. At 6:00 pm we were ushered upstairs to enjoy the offerings. It was a solid start to the night. The food here was delicious and the lamb hot dog was surprisingly good. It was the highlight of Catal for me. The offerings at Catal included the following:

  • Mini Avacado Toasted with Seared Trou
  • Mini Lamb Merguez Hot Dog
  • Coconut Passion Fruit Tapioca
  • Golden Road Tart Mango Cart
  • Barrel Aged Mai Tai

The next stop was Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen. There we found a small jazz ensemble and tap dancer that were incredibly enjoyable to watch as we experienced the food and drink. In general, everything was really good here. However, the stand out winner in my book was the Brioche Crusted Salmon with Mango Beurre Blanc. I was completely enjoying my food and pacing myself but when that salmon was served, I couldn’t stop eating it! It was probably one of my favorite tastes of the entire event in Downtown Disney. Here’s a look at what was offered at Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen:

  • Chilled Soba Noodle Salad with Pork
  • Brioche Crusted Salmon with Mango Beurre Blanc
  • Prime Rib Slider with Smoked Gouda
  • Abita Beer, Purple Haze
  • Abita Beer, Turbo Dog
  • Abita Beer, Wrought Iron, IPA

Splitsville Luxury Lanes was the third destination for us. As we enjoyed their food the sunset turned into evening and Downtown Disney came alive in the big windows outside. This quickly is becoming one of the most beautiful views of Downtown Disney. As our group walked to Splitsville, we anticipated the Parmesan Chicken Tenders we knew were in our future. Once inside though, I found myself enjoying the Crouching Dragon Rolls even more! Couple this with some fantastic company in a nice relaxed environment, this was a very fun stop. Here’s a look at what was offered by Splitsville for this event:

  • Crouching Dragon Roll
  • Parmesan Chicken Tenders
  • Chicken & Veggie Rice Bowls
  • Pink Paloma
  • Margarita
  • Rum Runner

Our final stop for the regular track was at Tortilla Jo’s. This is a highlight every year for one simple reason: crazy good guacamole! This year was no different. While all the food is good here, the guacamole is what I always look forward to. It did not disappoint at all. There were also some other delicious foods there as well. The fish tacos definitely deserve an honorable mention. Here is what was offered at Tortilla Jo’s:

  • Tropical Ceviche
  • Mini Tacos de Pescado Sarandeado
  • Mini Tacos de Pollo Pibil
  • Chips & Salsa
  • Agua Frescas & Margaritas

There were also three premium experiences offered. These added an extra experience to the night. These are the premium experiences that were offered:

  • The VOID and WonderGround Gallery
  • Speakeasy at Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen 
  • Tortilla Jo’s Tequila Lounge

Each of these unique experiences added an extra element of magic to the evening. The DAPS MAGIC team experienced the Speakeasy at Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen. This took place in one of the upper rooms at Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen. After giving the themed “bouncer” the password to get in, we found ourselves in a beautiful room. A singer and pianist provided entertainment for the entire hour and a half experience. They were completely delightful. There was also a wide selection of desserts on hand that was accompanied by appropriate drinks. Our group of four were the last four to leave the speakeasy as we were just completely charmed by the atmosphere and the entertainment. It was a wonderful way to end a fantastic evening!

The Taste of Downtown Disney is a yearly fundraiser that continues the efforts of raising money for CHOC Children’s. Tickets do go fast each year for this event. Make sure and keep your eyes on DAPS MAGIC for updates on next year’s event. What part of this event looked the best to you? What taste would you like to experience at Downtown Disney? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!