Check out First Glimpse Into Mary Poppins Returns with All-New Trailer

“Winds in the east, mist coming in / Like somethin’ is brewin’ and bout to begin”

This morning, fans were delighted to find our first glimpse into the practically perfect nanny has arrived! Mary Poppins Returns, a sequel to Disney classic Mary Poppins (1964), picks up when Mary has to make a grand entrance to take care of the Banks children once again, even if they have grown up. Mary helps the family deal with tremendous loss in only the way Mary Poppins could, with magic, wonder, and maybe a song or two.

Emily Blunt delivers the poised Mary Poppins magic in the best way possible. The film also features stars Lin Manuel-Miranda as Jack, Meryl Streep as Topsy, and Colin Firth as William Weatherall Wilkins. In one of the most exciting additions to the cast, we see Dick Van Dyke tap dancing on his desk. While this film is clearly going to be very different, being made 54 years later, it seems to maintain a lot of the comfort and magic of the original.

Along with the trailer, we were given the official poster for the film! The poster features the live-action combined with animated story elements that were so revolutionary for the original film. The poster is both whimsical and poised, much like the nanny herself. See the film when it hits theaters December 19!

Check out the all-new trailer below and let us know what you think!


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