Sunday Spotlight: Haunted Mansion at the Disneyland Resort

One of my favorite attractions at the Disneyland Resort is the Haunted Mansion. It is a Disney classic with great moments, music, and character. It opened on August 9, 1969, and remains a favorite to today. While many people would expect a haunted mansion to look old and decrepit, Walt Disney had other ideas. He wanted the exterior to be clean and represent his vision for what a Disney theme park was. What was on the outside had to be pristine, however, Walt had other opinions when it came to the inside.  As so often was the case, Walt was right. Now decades later this is a Disney fan favorite. Guests go through the attraction with the guidance of their “ghost host.”

The attraction has undergone a few changes through the years. One of the most exciting in recent years was the addition of the Hatbox Ghost in 2015. He had been in the attraction briefly in 1969 but then disappeared. This just added to the magic of the attraction. It is one of Disneyland’s best attractions and never gets old!

Haunted Mansion

What’s your favorite part of the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland? Let us know in the comments below!


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