Journey to Halloween Town Walk Through Experience to Bring Fun Frights for Guests for Halloween at Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland has had walk through attractions during their Halloween festivities. This year they will be bringing Nightmare Before Christmas to the park in the Journey to Halloween Town.

Halloween in Hong Kong

The annual celebration of Hong Kong Disneyland has been a little different from other Disney parks. This is the park that started the Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy overlay. On Main Street there has been an area often set aside for mazes that are a bit scary. Think more US scare mazes than a friendly maze that you would think for Disney. They’re not too scary, but have a bit of creepiness to them. Past themes of mazes have been based on Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, and having a haunted Main Street hotel with ghostly guests.

Halloween Town Attraction

The walk through of Nightmare Before Christmas is appearing as an attraction for the Halloween season. From a commercial shown to highlight the overall celebration, the attraction looks to take various settings and characters from the 25 year old movie and let guests be in the midst of them.

Jack Skellington might be roaming around the walk through overall. Sally will be in Dr. Finkelstein’s lab and looks like she will be making potions. Oogie Boogie will have his lair, which is sure to have some tricks to keep guests on their heels.

It looks like it won’t be quite a meet-and-greet, but will have some interaction with characters from the movie.  Some of it looks almost like a tour rather than just a walk through of scenes.

The Halloween festivities begin September 13 and run until October 31. There are also other entertainment to see during that time in the park, like a parade and Villians Night Out.

What do you think of the walk through attraction? Would it be enough for you to want to make a trip? Let us know in the comments below!


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