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Hocus Pocus - Blu-Ray Box ArtMax Dennison and his sister Dani move to Salem, Massachusets from California. Arriving just a week before Halloween, they soon find themselves living what they thought to be a superstitious tale. This happens after they accidentally bring three evil witches, the Sanderson sisters back to life. With the help of a cat, they have to stop the witches and prevent them from achieving immortality. Hocus Pocus is a Halloween classic that continues to delight fans every year.


Hocus Pocus has held up very well. While it does look like it is from the early 90’s, the clarity and the colors look crisp and clean. The audio also was surprisingly clear as well. For a movie that is a quarter of a century old, it is a complete joy to review from a quality standpoint.


There were only a couple of extras included with Hocus Pocus. At first glance, it seemed like there should be more. However, it turned out that the main extra ended up being quite fun. Extras included with this release were:

  • We ♥︎Hocus Pocus”: Trivia and Treats Edition – A spellbinding new way to experience the film with:
    • Fun facts and trivia
    • Deleted scenes
    • Cast and crew commentary
    • Concept art and storyboards
    • Behind-the-scenes secrets, and more!
  • Original 1993 Production Featurette – Discover that witchcraft is cinematic artistry in disguise in this resurrected throwback production featurette.

The We ♥︎Hocus Pocus”: Trivia and Treats Edition turned out to be a fun supplement to the movie. It was another way to watch the Hocus Pocus. It included a lot of extras that popped up throughout the movie and was an interesting way to add the extras all in one place. The production featurette was also entertaining to watch. I enjoyed what was offered but I would love even more!

Final Thoughts

Hocus Pocus is simply a fun film to watch. The copy I had before this was DVD and I’m pleased to report that this definitely looks and sounds a lot better than my older version. There are some great characters, moments, and music to be enjoyed in this film. This is definitely a film from the 90s and that just adds to the charm. It is easy to see how much fun it was to make this movie. As I watched it I couldn’t help but be glad this is being re-released in this high of quality. I also found myself listening to the music and wishing that they would make a release for Sister Act with similar quality and extras. This is just a great Halloween film that gets better each year. It’s definitely worth getting and adding to your home entertainment library. This definitely gets a hat tip!

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