Hocus Pocus Merch is Now at The Disney Store in Time for Halloween!

Hocus Pocus Mug

Summer is coming to an end! The weather gets cooler and perhaps even more importantly, Halloween Merch magically appears in stores! While on a recent mall crawl I noticed that The Disney Store had some of their Halloween displays up. I went in and there it was, Hocus Pocus Merch! I’m not going to lie, I nearly lost my mind! I adore Hocus Pocus and it was even released on my birthday (well the day anyway)!

While the selection at the various Disney Stores will be different (and ours mentioned that it is selling quickly), here is what is currently available online:

  • Spirit Jersey for Women– This spirit jersey features colorful screen art printed on mineral wash fabric. ($59.95) Hocus Pocus Spirit Jersey for Women
  • T-Shirt for Women– The Hocus Pocus T-Shirt for Women features screen art of all three Sanderson sisters embellished with gold glitter details. ($26.95) Hocus Pocus T-Shirt for Women
  • Cauldron Mug– This adorable mug has a cauldron design with golden detailing including the handle. ($14.95) Hocus Pocus Mug
  • T-Shirt for Men– Run ”amuck” in this soft heathered jersey tee with a spellbinding metallic graphic design. ($24.95) Hocus Pocus T-Shirt for Men
  • Thackery Binx Tank Top– You can show your love of Hocus Pocus even at the gym with this tank top! It features screen art with glitter details and large armholes for ease of movement. ($26.95) Thackery Binx Tank Top for Women
  • Binx Faux Leather Bag from Loungefly– The Binx Bag features a prominent black cat face and ample storage space. ($64.95) Binx Leather Bag
  • Hocus Pocus Journal– Want a BooOOOoooOOOk of your own? This adorable black glitter and gold foil journal is just the thing! ($16.95) Hocus Pocus Journal

Additionally, our Disney Store had a super cute pin set but sadly it isn’t available on the website. Overall, the merch is pretty dang cute! I wish there was more of a selection, but that didn’t stop me from buying the tank top and the pins! Have you seen any of the Hocus Pocus merch in your local Disney Store? Leave a comment below and let us know what you’ve seen in yours or tag us on social media with the hashtag #DAPsMagic!


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