Celebrate the Triumphant Home Release of Avengers: Infinity War on Blu-Ray with this Gag Reel

Are you ready to try and defend the galaxy from Thanos again? Honestly, most of us aren’t, and that’s where this gag reel comes in to lift our spirits!

Yesterday, Avengers: Infinity War was officially released on Blu-Ray and fans everywhere rejoiced! Along with this release comes hours of bonus features that were just too super to fit in the movie and behind the scenes glimpses into the making of the movie! Fans can find out some exciting tidbits about the battle in Wakanda while also catching up on some previously unreleased secrets from the commentary!

The gag reel, a usual favorite for fans, shows that the actors kept it light-hearted on set and all had a good time together. Once you make it through the heaviness of Avengers: Infinity War, it can be a sigh of relief to see our favorite heroes laughing and joking through some scenes we’re familiar with.

Be sure to pick up this latest addition to your in-home Marvel Cinematic Universe collection and brush up on all the trivia you could imagine!

Check out the reel below and let us know what your favorite outtake was!

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