July is the month of fried chicken! July 6th is officially National Fried Chicken Day. This year, it also was the hottest day in memory. However, this didn’t stop me from braving my non-air conditioned kitchen to make some fried chicken. I make fried chicken with a variation of how my mother made fried chicken. I also add some other tweaks that I have discovered through the years. The main difference between Mom’s and mine is that I marinate the chicken in hot sauce for several hours. I also season it slightly differently, mainly just because I always like garlic as well. While making this recipe yesterday in the 110-degree+ heat, I thought it’d be fun to share and let others try it as well. Give it a try and then let me know what you think of the recipe! Also, if you have any tweaks or ideas on how to make it better I’d love to hear that as well!

I almost always serve my fried chicken with mashed potatoes. Yesterday, I also added corn on the cob. Generally, I would grill the corn but due to the heat, I didn’t this time. What are your favorite sides with fried chicken? Let me know how this turned out for you and what you like about it in the comments below!