Pirates of the Caribbean has reopened at Disneyland. Today fans of the classic attraction swarmed to New Orleans Square to experience the changes. As expected, the auction scene had been updated. The centerpiece now is Redd, a female pirate selling rum and looking for treasure! As the auctioneer sells off the town’s treasure, Redd pipes in with her own opinions on how the auction should be going. There are also some other fun surprises added to the attraction. If you don’t want to know what they are, please don’t watch the video or read past it.

Pirates of the Caribbean with New Auction Scene

Pirates of the Caribbean has also added a few updates that harken to the past. The main one is the tunnel after the treasure room. This no longer has Davy Jones haunting guests. Instead, it moved back to the original soundtracks of pirates speaking in the dark. Added to these is a new pirate and squid with a very special effect. At first, the pirate looks like a skeleton but as you pass by he transforms into a human form. Beside him, an octopus can be found.

The attraction also has a few changes in lighting and other subtle effects added. There is a new pirate now found in the sound after the two drops. All of this, adds to the cohesiveness of the story for Pirates of the Caribbean.

Overall, the changes for Pirates of the Caribbean are positive updates. While some people will have struggle with some of these new changes, the reverence shown to the original version was a nice nod to the past as well. I for one found myself stoked about the changes to the tunnel. It used to be one of my favorite parts of the attraction as I imagined the story happening in the dark, now it does again. The new pirate also adds a lot to bring the first half and second half of the attraction together.

At Pieces of Eight, cards were also being given out where guests could learn their pirate names. What is yours?

Pirates of the Caribbean Name Card-1

Pirates of the Caribbean Name Card

Pirates of the Caribbean Name Card

Pirates of the Caribbean Name Card

What do you think of the new enhancements added to Pirates of the Caribbean? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!