The Most Unique Experiences Come From a Galaxy Far Far Away at Star Wars Nite

Imagine yourself in Tomorrowland on Star Wars Nite. There’s an energy unlike any other as you’re surrounded by Star Wars superfans and the music from the series. Just as you start to get into the fun, you’re stopped by a Jawa. That’s right, a scavenging Jawa has stopped you in the middle of Tomorrowland and is now trying to take your phone out of your hands and bargaining just for you to take a picture.

This was the experience of many brave travelers at Star Wars Nite as they converged on the Disneyland Resort last night. There were chances to meet and greet Star Wars characters all throughout the park from Fantasyland to Critter Country, but none of these opportunities were quite like the Jawas.

We happened to enter Tomorrowland from Astro Orbiter as the March of the First Order started near Star Wars Launch Bay. The few Jawas that were out and about heard the music and narration from Captain Phasma and ran in every direction in an attempt to hide from the First Order. This led to a Jawa running almost directly into our party and my absolute favorite moment of the entire night.

When characters are free to wander without a traditional meet and greet set-up, there is nearly no limit to what can happen in terms of interaction. When there is a line waiting behind you, there is often a pressure of time limit when you’re meeting this character. The Jawa was clearly just on a mission to scavenge and was willing to interact with anyone for any amount of time, as long as they had items they were willing to bargain with.

The Jawa we met was interested in our cameras and was showing us its loot in an attempt to trade with us. The loot? A blue glowstick. An obvious trade for giving up a camera, right? The Jawa proceeded to show us all the things you could possibly do with this glowstick, including engaging in lightsaber battles with Jedi all across Tomorrowland. When I wasn’t interested in trading, the Jawa proceeded to take me around the land in search of someone else that they could scavenge off of. I took a few pictures with the Jawas permission along the way before we had to part ways, and this 10-minute interaction became one of my favorite moments of Star Wars night.

Overall, these walk around characters seemed to be a hit of the event, as fans got to see the rare Jawas take Tomorrowland in the galactic adventure to remember! Check out the rest of what guests saw last night here.

What do you think of the Jawas? What Star Wars character would you like to have met? Let us know!


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