Celebrate May 4th By Making a Difference for Dylan

Dylan’s Story

In December of 2017, six-year-old Dylan Caponas was taken to the emergency room for flu-like symptoms that were worsening. These symptoms were actually signs that he was entering septic shock brought on by leukemia. That night Dylan went into cardiac arrest three times and suffered a traumatic brain injury. Throughout the month of December, our family didn’t know if we were going to lose Dylan. Today, Dylan is still fighting. His neurological state remains unknown but it is a miracle that he is still with us and our family stays hopeful.


Who Is Behind This Auction

Hi, I’m @SparklyNicole. I put pretty, magical content on the internet and design magical things. Dylan is my little cousin. He was the ring bearer at my wedding in August and is a special little light in my life. I’m proud to say I’ve made it to all but one of Dylan’s birthday parties.

Dylan’s kind and caring spirit has always inspired me but especially as he’s gotten older over the last few years. At this crucial time in his life, Dylan needs all the support he can get so I’m hosting creative fundraisers benefiting him including this auction. I’ll be ensuring everyone has a smooth shopping experience.


How The Auction Works

On Friday, May 4th, the comment sections for each of the Instagram posts on the @AuctionforDylan Instagram will open. We have an incredible line up of hard to get Disney items, Disney merchandise that was limited edition or is no longer available, and some gently used items. Bids will be for all of the items pictured in each post. Read captions for full details and starting bid.

To bid on the item(s) in a post, leave a comment with the amount you’d like to bid and the email address associated with your PayPal account.

The highest bidder will be sent a PayPal invoice that must be paid the same day. Please have your correct shipping address confirmed on Paypal. If the invoice is not paid, the invoice will be canceled and the next highest bidder will win and be sent an invoice.

All items have been donated by caring people and for that, I’m so grateful. PayPal invoices will be sent by Nicole. The money will then go directly to Dylan’s parents. The auction items will be shipped by the person who donated them. You can bid on as many items as you’d like. Please note payment will only be accepted via PayPal. Tracking will be provided. Thank you for your interest!

Nicole is a long time friend of DAPS MAGIC. Please support her as she tries to make a difference for Dylan on May 4th! – Mr. DAPS


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