Pixar Fest in Cars Land

Pixar Fest is in full swing with entertainment, food, merchandise, and more scattered all over the resort! In Cars Land, they’ve added Woody and Buzz in car form to the entrance in front of the Cars Land sign. It’s a fun addition and a great photo op based off of the end credits of Cars, where Pixar movies of the past are turned into cars themselves! Posters were added to the large doors by Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree of Pixar movies with the title characters as cars and boats! Disney has done a great job with these little touches, creating a fun atmosphere for guests to enjoy.

Also in Cars Land, themed food can be found at Flo’s V8 Cafe and the Cozy Cones. Over at Flo’s, you can find classic foods with a Pixar theme for lunch and dinner, while over at the Cozy Cones, there are both sweet and savory options for every palette. The churro Cozy Cone offers churros for those who want to choose their favorite racer: red for Lightning McQueen, yellow for Cruz Ramirez, and blue for Jackson Storm. Whatever character may be your favorite, you take your pick in your favorite churro! They aren’t flavored, just colored by sugar sprinkles.

We can’t to see more theming details in Disney California Adventure when Pixar Pier opens in a couple of months!

What has been your favorite detail of Pixar Fest so far?

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