A Look at The Edison at Disney Springs

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The Edison is a new restaurant and bar at Disney Springs in Walt Disney World.  It’s hard to describe it as that because it’s more of an experience.  There is not just one bar area, there are 3 in the two level Edison.

The Edison is part of a chain that has a location near in Los Angeles, which is somewhat near to Disneyland.  Each location has a similar theme of a converted period building.

At Disney Springs, the atmosphere is rather steampunk with fun contraptions and mechanisms.  There is even some characters that roam around, like an inventor that shows off experiments.

The food is amazing.  The signature burger has three meats mixed together into a patty.  There are some unique varieties of appetizers and desserts.  One such dessert is the Black Cherry Cream, which is a gelato shake with some candy toppings.

What The Edison is most known for are drinks.  Several cocktails make for exceptional spirits.  And, again, 3 full bars will provide any concoction you could think of.

This is a great addition to Disney Springs.  The burger is one of the best I’ve ever had!  The Flying Apparatus is a sweet cocktail that takes off on your taste buds.  The Black Cherry Cream is a large, but delicious gelato shake that has a fun glass to drink from.

The atmosphere is fun and can really send you back in nostalgia – whether you know of what the scenery is from or not.  It really comes alive at night too.

Currently The Edison is in soft opening mode, but will fully open on January 15.  Reservations are recommended.  Even when I visited it was quickly getting filled up.  This isn’t a place to grab a quick bite.  It’s a place to fully experience and enjoy!  It’s easily one of my favorite places at Disney Springs!