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With Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge being still a couple years away, the Disney parks have still been riding on the popularity of the movie saga with an overlay of Space Mountain at several parks.  Hyperspace Mountain puts guests in the middle of a battle of Jakku which takes place after Return of the Jedi.  The Space Mountain rockets become X-Wings to battle the remaining remnants of the Empire.

The ride overlay took over Space Mountain in Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland, and Disneyland Paris.  Disneyland’s version opened first on November 16, 2015 and ran until June 1, 2017.  It only reverted to Ghost Galaxy in the Halloween seasons during its run.  Hong Kong Disneyland opened their version June 11, 2016, and is still going.  Disneyland Paris opened Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain in Discoveryland as part of their 25th anniversary celebration on May 7, 2017, and is still currently going.

With three versions, which is the best one?  Are they really similar to each other?  I’m going to rank the Hyperspace Mountains with certain criteria –


Usually I have theme combined with this, but the themes are all the same.  It’s the execution of the theme that I’m interested in.


How crisp are the graphics?  Is there any special effects that set it apart from others?  This is what this category is about.

Entertainment Value

It’s the catch all.  How popular is the attraction?  How fun is it?  It’s sometimes hard to put a number to it, but I’m going to try.

All of these can have a top value of 5

Even though I’m ranking these, they are all great attractions that I wish could stick around all the time.  It’s hard to rank them because they really are great.  As you’ll read, it took some real thinking too put them in an order.

With that, let’s go!

3. Hong Kong Disneyland

Detail: 3

There are some elements that make the set up one of the finest out of the 3 rides – there’s a prop X-Wing in the queue that makes it look like a real port for the Rebels.  Great videos that were first used at Disneyland are present.  It’s not far from second place in this category, just that a small loading area that doesn’t have much theme to it keeps it from that.

Effects: 4

There are some great effects in this version.  The projections are big and crisp, which allow for more immersion.  A few more laser blasts than the original also make this an exciting ride.

Entertainment Value: 4

Hong Kong’s is a lot of fun.  Though it is not too popular, more due to the park having trouble from mainland China.  Still it’s a great ride that has a bit of trouble only from the original ride system.  I found it a bit weird the number of same direction turns it has.

Total: 11

A great, solid Hyperspace with a fun experience.  I think it only suffered from limitations of the small loading area.  Otherwise could have been number 2.

HYPERSPACE MOUNTAIN — During Season of the Force, the classic Space Mountain attraction is reimagined as Hyperspace Mountain, thrusting Disneyland park guests into the darkness for an action-packed battle between Rebel X-wings and Imperial TIE fighters. A new soundtrack, inspired by the films’ musical themes, adds to the thrills. (Paul Hiffmeyer/Disneyland Resort)

2. Disneyland

Detail: 4

I’m going to count the lead up of the land which had Season of the Force for much of its life as part of the detail.  It could be argued to not include it, but I am.  Having a whole land that is celebrating Star Wars helps to set up what is going on in the ride.  Though it doesn’t quite create the place of a headquarters of the Rebels, it still helps put people in the mood for Star Wars.

Effects: 3

This is another category I’m making a broad judgement for.  When it first opened the projectors were a little old and not as bright.  After the Ghost Galaxy interruption the projectors were upgraded and brought brighter, crisper scenes for the overlay.  This made it a better experience to an already great ride.

But, it had the least amount of effects which gives it one less point in this category.  There was still much to behold during the ride, but it was the first and the others improved from these first effects.  Not that it was really lacking, just in contrast to the other versions.

Entertainment Value: 5

This is probably the most popular out of the three.  Long lines existed even in off season times for the park.  It was also an immensely fun experience at the original of Disneyland’s.  Again, perhaps because of the overall atmosphere of Star Wars in Tomorrowland, but there was something more immersive about it.

Total: 12

A great ride, and especially that it was the very first implemented.  But, there will be some big reasons for the top position.

1. Disneyland Paris

Detail: 3

Though there wasn’t a lot that separated this from the rest of the pack, the queue kept a lot of the regular Space Mountain theming.  What it did put in that others did not have were lit up screens of ships that laid out the mission briefings.  It gave anticipation for the battle that would take place.  It was also a nice touch that Star Tours Cast Member uniforms were used for the attraction loaders.

Effects: 5

This was the biggest wow factor.  Amazing high definition battle scenes and the best jump to hyperspace effects made this stand out as the best.  Great placements of laser blasts and projections were done and it made it an outstanding roller coaster battle.

Entertainment Value: 5

The effects pushed this over the edge to make one of the best roller coasters I’ve ever been on.  It had a great blend of music and fun to make this a terrific Hyperspace.

Total: 13

On top only by one point, you can see how it was hard to rank these rides.  But, the amazing blend of the ride system and effect make this they best Hyperspace out there.

Honorable Mention: Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Rock N’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith was transformed into a Star Wars ride during Galactic Nights.  The reason why it’s not included in the list is because it’s not a true Hyperspace Mountain.  The story is that guests are going to the premier of a Star Wars film, and take a wild and fast ride to get there.  The ride has a wonderful soundtrack with mostly lighting effects to make it a fun overlay.

Even though it’s not a Hyperspace Mountain, I still wanted to give it a mention since it’s a Star Wars overlay of an existing roller coaster.

So, this was my ranking of Hyperspace Mountains.  What do you think?  Do you agree?  Let us know in the comments below!



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