Star Wars and Avengers Trailer Hype – 2017 Top 5 Disney Stories – Number 5

It’s top 5 Disney stories countdown time! Coming in at number 5 it’s all about the hype. And specifically it’s the hype around the Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Avengers: Infinity War trailers.


The stories are not so much about when the trailers landed, but the lead up to them.
The Force Awakens had trailers out at least a year before release. It was enough to whet the appetite of fans and have them wanting a lot more. Each trailer brought more speculation to the direction of the galaxy.
With the Last Jedi there was almost no teaser until a few months before the release. The main trailer premiered at Star Wars Celebration in April. The next big one wasn’t until October. With a title like The Last Jedi, it brings a lot of questions and having no knowledge of what to expect of the movie at all made fans wanting a lot of something to see.
On the Marvel side, Avengers: Infinity War has been widely known to be coming with some idea of what it would center around. Even though it’s been known, the film has had fans nearly demanding for some preview of where their heroes would appear next. This film will not be out until next year, but it doesn’t mean there can’t be something to give audiences.
The interesting thing about the Avengers trailer is that it had a rather false start to it. At the D23 Expo and San Diego Comic Con those in special presentations got a special teaser to preview the movie. Though no recording devices were allowed, it still leaked online. The only big public reveal were statue models of Thanos’ henchmen.
The story behind the teaser was that it was not the finished product, and not even all of it was footage shot for the movie. But, there was still something for a limited audience and the rest of the world had to wait. Not easy to do when you know what is out there.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Final Trailer Screening at Downtown Disney at the Disneyland Resort
Star Wars: The Last Jedi Final Trailer Screening at Downtown Disney at the Disneyland Resort


There were two instances of The Last Jedi that had trailers hitting the streets. The first was at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando. The second was during a Monday Night Football game on ESPN.
At Celebration it was highly speculated that fans would get a taste of the new movie in the form of a preview. Those fortunate to see it in person before it appeared on YouTube were also treated to the film poster.
The second trailer appeared during halftime for a Monday Night Football game. Downtown Disney hosted a showing by the ESPN Zone. A party atmosphere was presented with a live DJ and lightsabers handed out. For having a glimpse already this was quite the event. At the stadium of the game, attendees there got to see the trailer as well with an entourage of stormtroopers on the field.
Force Awakens had similar showings of trailers. But, that film had a large gap between it and the previous iterations of Star Wars on the big screen. The Last Jedi has had two films before it. Having a huge reaction to the trailers meant that Star Wars is just as popular as it’s ever been.

Avengers: Infinity War finally got its trailer on YouTube. It wasn’t until November, however. Though it didn’t have any showing parties, it became the most viewed trailer on YouTube to date! If that doesn’t show how anticipated it was I don’t know what would. It also shows that fans have been waiting for this type of movie for a long time as well. Will the next trailer have as much of a reaction? My guess would be yes! It’s clear this is a huge film for movie goers. And the preview only whets the appetite for more.

Below is our coverage of the trailer landings. What did you think about how this played out over the year? Let us know in the comments below!

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