Top Tips For Surviving the Holidays at the Disneyland Resort

The holidays are in full swing at the Disneyland Resort and the most hectic time of the year has arrived! While the magic rolls out, crowds descend on the park like no other time of the year. Here are our most helpful tips, compiled from years of holiday experience!

For Vacationers
  • Stay Close to the Park The closer we get to the heart of the holiday season, the more hectic parking and security lines can become. If you stay on property, or even off property where walking is an option, you will jump the first hurdle of crazy parking! The security lines can still grow pretty far back, but skipping the parking shaves a lot of time off your wait.
  • Bring Warm Clothes Winters in California can be unpredictable, even from morning to night! There may be days that it seems warm, but you should definitely bring an extra coat or scarf in a backpack for when the evening cools off. There are lockers on resort property if carrying it seems like burden, but it will definitely come in handy.
  • Plan According to Crowds Sometimes, especially with holiday crowds, you won’t be able to hit everything on your list. The 
    biggest piece of advice we can give is to prioritize! Figure out your attractions and shows that you simply cannot miss, and ones that you would be okay with saving for another trip. Fastpass will relieve a lot of stress with attractions, and the Disneyland App can help with visualizing wait times no matter where you are.
For Locals
  • Prepare For Lines This definitely isn’t a quiet time where there isn’t anyone else in the resort. There will definitely be lines at every turn, especially as we inch closer to the holiday season. The best thing to do is prepare, and adjust your schedule accordingly.
  • Be Patient Everyone has to wait in the same lines, and walk through the same crowds. The most useful tool for the entire holiday season is patience! Getting upset and losing a temper doesn’t help anyone, and only makes the situation more stressful.
  • Be Open to Help There are only so many Cast Members, so help is always welcome. It can be anything from helping a confused guest to just keeping a positive attitude and a smile on your face. Any positive action is helping the Disneyland Resort achieve a successful holiday season!

Most importantly, our biggest tip for anyone is to have fun! The holidays are such a magical season and there is something for everyone. Find the things that make you happiest and go find them!

Have any tips that didn’t make the list? Add them in the comments below!

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