Cars 3

Cars 3 – Mr. DAPs Digital Home Entertainment Review

Lightning McQueen is discovering that he isn’t as young as he used to be. A whole new generation of cars are making him feel his age and wonder about his future. After a pretty serious accident, many wonder if Lightning will even have a future. However, Lightning McQueen decides he wants to decide his own fate. He soon finds himself partnered up with a new trainer named Cruz Ramirez as he strives to become the great racer he knows he is. Along the way he discovers a few things about friendship, racing, and even himself. Cars 3 isn’t just a race movie, but it is a movie about discovery.


Watching Cars 3 on my iPad was a wonderful experience. The clarity and colors were absolutely gorgeous. The sound design was awesome as well. It is amazing to see how this series of movies have improved through the years. While Cars 3 is great to watch for a movie night for an evening at home, it was also enjoyable to watch from 35,000 feet while flying to Walt Disney World.

Disney-Pixar Cars 3


The extras for the Digital download and Streaming version of Cars 3 were really quite enjoyable. When we were asked to do separate reviews for Digital downloads and blu-ray I became concerned that one wouldn’t be as fullfilling of an experience. However, watching the extras on the digital downloads via iTunes I found myself really enjoying the offerings. They include the following:

  • Exclusive New Mini-Movie: Miss Fritter’s Racing Skoool
  • Theatrical Short: Lou
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Cruz Ramirez: The Yellow Car that Could
  • Let’s. Get. Crazy.
  • Ready for the Race
  • Cars to Die(Cast) For
  • Generations: The Story of Cars 3
  • My First Car
  • Legendary
  • World’s Fastest Billboard
  • Commentary
  • Cars D’oeuvres
  • Cars 3 Trailers
  • Cars 3 Car Reveals
  • Cars 3 Set Fly-Throughs

I found myself really enjoying the extras. They were worth watching even if I wasn’t sitting in a plane. This release definitely gives the viewer their money’s worth.

Final Thoughts

Cars 3 is easily my favorite movie of the three Cars movies to date. It is a movie with heart that really takes the whole franchise to the next level. I think it takes the viewer on the best emotional journey. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite Pixar films and will be one I will happy watch and rewatch. This is a must have for anyone’s Disney or Pixar film library. With the digital download, this is even easier than ever and definitely a good way to go! This definitely gets a hat tip from me. Go out and download it today!

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