Caitlyn’s Disney Merchandise Round-Up: Mugs, Mugs, MUGS!

There is just something about Disney mugs that makes fans go nuts! We all have collections of them, heck, I have at least 25 Disney mugs that don’t really get used. Yet, when a new one that features “it’s a small world” is released, you bet I buy it! I think the reason people love them, is because it is practical, and even makes a great gift. There are constantly new designs, and they are great at featuring all sorts of characters and attractions. A few of the new mugs feature blueprints of a few Disney Park Icon facades, which I personally love. A few new options feature Mickey and Minnie as well. My new favorite is the Starbucks tumbler that has the “it’s a small world” design in Mickey’s silhouette. That, of course, I picked up right away, and you can read more about here.

Which one is your favorite?



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