Sunday Spotlight: Mark Twain Riverboat at Disneyland

This summer the Rivers of America re-opened and they are more magical than ever before. With the re-opening of the rivers, guests can now experience a bygone era in bygone ways. One way to experience the Rivers of America is by going aboard the Mark Twain riverboat. This sternwheeler goes around the Rivers of America in about 15 minutes. The trip highlights many of the different rivers that are cruised down. It also showcases the new Disneyland Railway track. It is a beautiful blend of new and old for guests of the Disneyland Resort.

Generally the Mark Twain is running on a daily basis. The Columbia often is cruising at the same time giving two ways for guests to cruise the rivers. The wait time for either of this two big boats generally is fairly short. Then it is time to relax and enjoy the sights!

For those who can’t visit Disneyland to ride the Mark Twain, you can watch it here.

Mark Twain Riverboat POV Video
Mark Twain Riverboat 360 Degree Video

What do you like most about the new Rivers of America as seen from the Mark Twain? Let us know in the comments section below!

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