Parking Changes Coming to Downtown Disney at Disneyland Resort

Downtown Disney

Starting August 16th, Downtown Disney will no longer offer free 2 hour parking for guests. This is to help alleviate the full lot, as it’s become increasingly difficult to find parking most evenings and weekends. This is also to deter guests from parking in the Downtown Disney lot for a quick jaunt to the parks.

In order to receive free, validated parking, guests will have to purchase $20 in food or merchandise from stores or quick service restaurants. A $20 purchase will give validation for 2 hours of free parking. Dining in table service restaurants or going to AMC theaters will give validation for 4 hours of free parking. Parking has been $12 per hour, charged in 30 minute increments, and will remain the same. The price of a lost ticket and daily maximum has also changed from $36 to $48.

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1 thought on “Parking Changes Coming to Downtown Disney at Disneyland Resort”

  1. This is actually kind of saddening. I wish TDA could come up with ways to manage capacity without doing it by making the cost of visiting the resort prohibitive. Or at least do the capacity expansion more quickly. The two hour free parking meant that you could visit Downtown Disney and browse, have a light lunch or snack and look through some stores, not necessarily spend $20 but still be able to enjoy the experience and spend a little bit of money there. Now, to spend that kind of an afternoon, you would pay $12-$24 in parking. Disney is basically saying either come prepared to spend as much money as we want you to spend–come on our terms–or don’t come at all. My partner and I have had annual passes on both coasts, and we have thought about living on both coasts with one benefit being to be near Disney. But I have to say, WDW for the past couple of years always seems to end up as the better bet–because visiting there never feels like we are being penalized just for showing up. But that is how visiting Disneyland feels for us now.

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