The Main Street Electrical Parade Says Goodbye and Goodnight to Disneyland

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The Main Street Electrical Parade has again concluded its run at the Disneyland Resort. This time, it could be forever. Last night this electro-syntho-magnetic parade with thousands of sparkling lights made it’s way through Disneyland as thousands cheered it on.

Before the parade even began the energy was already electric in the air. Fans camped out early, cheered on cast members, and took pictures of each other as they waited for the final parade at 10:45 PM. Although everyone was there to say goodbye to this beloved parade, the atmosphere was very positive.

As the music began the crowd cheered. This cheering continued throughout the parade. As the parade finally ended, people poured into the parade route to follow it to the end. As the final dancers disappeared through the gates near It’s a Small World there were cheers and tears. Moments later a group started singing the end of the Mickey Mouse Club March.

Now it’s time to say goodbye, to all our company.
See ya real soon!
Why? Because we like you!

Once again the Main Street Electrical Parade has said goodbye. Will Elliott ever glow his way through Disneyland again? Nobody knows. Currently there are no announcements about the future of the parade. All that has been said is that the Main Street Electrical Parade is going away. Seeing how it has magically reappeared around the globe though over the last 45 years, one does have to wonder if this parade’s story isn’t quite over yet.

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