DuckTales - Launchpad McQuack and Scrooge McDuck

DuckTales Makes Welcome Return on DisneyXD!

After decades away, Scrooge McDuck and the boys are back. DuckTales has returned thanks to Disney XD. The initial reactions have been overwhelmingly positive. Many fans are calling this new version an instant classic!

As the episode begins things aren’t really going well for anyone. Donald Duck is trying to get a job. Scrooge McDuck is living in the past when he “used to be a big deal.” The three boys are stuck with two boring uncles. Then things start to get exciting after the boys meet Webby. Around the same time Scrooge decides to go on adventure to discover Atlantis! And then with the thought of adventure, adventure happens. Scrooge and all soon find themselves in the midst of adventures. They also discover the true meaning and value of family.

DuckTales is a wonderful return for a group of beloved characters. It is familiar but definitely updated. Heuy, Dewie, and Louie are no longer carbon copies of each other with different shirt colors. Instead, they each have their own personalities. In fact, all of the characters have depth that just wasn’t there before. The animation is definitely different and hearkens back to the comic strip. The humor of this television show is both entertaining and actually funny. There are some great references to other Disney Afternoon shows. I think I caught both TaleSpin and also Darkwing Duck! Also some references to the original series were included as well!

Disney XD is certain to have a hit with DuckTales. Let’s just hope that this is the first return of multiple Disney Afternoon characters. Hopefully it will lead to more shows, characters, and connections! Judging by the first episode, there is a lot to be excited about with the return of DuckTales!

What did you think of DuckTales? Are you excited for its return? What would you like to see happen in it? Let us know in the comments below!



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