Kingdom Hearts 3 Has a New Trailer and Release Date

At the D23 Expo, Kingdom Hearts 3 got a few new details to help fans anticipate the release.

Release Date

First a tentative release time has been announced.  It will be out next year, 2018.  No exact release date has been announced.  The game is still being worked on, of course.

New Trailer and New World

A new trailer was unveiled with views of a newly released world.  The new world that Sora and all will visit is Toy Story!  Woody and Buzz will make their Kingdom Hearts debut in the game.  Both will be game characters that accompany Sora to release the world of the Heartless.

In the trailer the game looks gorgeous.  There is so much detail put into the Toy Story world that it looks like a movie.  This will be a high graphic game.

It looks like there will also be cues from Square games as part of the possible world travels.

In all, it is a very exciting game and exciting time to see more and more.  Details will be announced more and more as it’s released.

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