Independence Day for the Redhead - Geeks Corner - Episode 640

Independence Day for the Redhead – Geeks Corner – Episode 640

Welcome to Geeks Corner! Happy Independence Day! This year to celebrate the Fourth of July the geeks decided to film a show and dress patriotically on a really warm set! The show starts off with a discussion about the return of Rey to Star Wars. She is appearing in the first Star Wars: Forces of Destiny episode. What did you think of it? The geeks share their thoughts.

Change continues to make its way through the Disneyland Resort. In both Adventureland and Frontierland there are updates happening on an almost weekly basis. The geeks chat about these changes and rate them. They also talk about a new idea for a CHOC Walk fundraiser for Cameron and Murray. #Canoefor2 will be a fundraiser where they will canoe around the Rivers of America to raise money for the CHOC Walk.

Splitsville is continuing to rise at Downtown Disney. Guests will soon be able to bowl, eat burgers, and also eat sushi!

In the world of Disney XD, people can now make themselves in to ducks from DuckTales! Time to see what the geeks look like as ducks!

Marvel could potentially be making a Captain Britain movie. Cameron shares a bit about this hero and then everyone weighs in on WHO should have the role.

Back at Disneyland the Pirates of the Caribbean is changing its iconic auction scene. It will also be changed at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom and Disneyland Paris. Recognizing how controversial this change could be, the geeks have spent quite some time thinking about it. On this week’s show they share their thoughts about these changes. Do you agree with them?

Finally, Disneyland’s birthday is coming up. The DAPs Magic and Geeks Corner team will be hosting a meetup on July 17. First we’ll get coffee and #dapscaf2017. Then we will then ride on King Arthur’s Carousel on this special day. More details will be released soon!

We hope you enjoy this week’s episode of Geeks Corner!

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