Fantasmic Blackberry Beignets and S’Mores Churro – Treats to Celebrate a Great Show

Disneyland has debuted a lot of new food items and treats to celebrate Fantasmic! returning.

Blackberry Beignets

Over at the Mint Julep Bar in New Orleans Square you will find special Blackberry Beignets.  These Mickey Mouse shaped pastries come in three or six packs.  The three pack cost $4.49 while the six pack is $7.49.  Where regular beignets come coated in powdered sugar, these treats are coated in a purple sugar and berry flavored mix.  There are also edible star glitter around it as well.

I was surprised at how the beignets are sweet, but not too overpowering in the sweet flavor.  The berry also comes through, though there’s plenty of sugar coating.  As far as what the berry best tastes like, it’s more like Boysenberry flavoring to me.  It’s a sweeter fruit taste with every bite.

For a quick dessert treat, these are worth the purchase.  I don’t think I could handle more than 3 on my own.  In fact, I only ate two and gave the third away.  a 6 pack is plenty for a family.  Either way, they are very enjoyable.

S’Mores Churro

Down at Critter Country, way back at a Churro Cart near Hungry Bear is the new S’Mores Churro.  This pastry and dipping sauce is $5.50, where standard churros are $4.50.  A graham cracker coating is on the churro itself.  Accompanying it is a marshmallow and chocolate dipping sauce that completes the S’Mores theme.

The churro did not have a regular sugared flavor to it, since it was coated with the crackers.  It was a bit surprising in the odd way because of being used to cinnamon and sugar on regular churros.  The sauce was a good mix of marshmallow and chocolate, though the marshmallow was more prominent.  Dipping the churro in the sauce really gave the S’Mores impression.  It ended up being a great reminder of the campfire treat!

Out of the two desserts, my personal favorite was the S’Mores Churro.  But, that might be because of I’m more of a sucker for actual S’Mores.  They are both great food items.  And, they are only available for a limited time!  So be sure to grab them while you can!

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