D23 Expo – Once Upon a Time & Avengers: Infinity War – A Day Two Experience

The second day of the D23 Expo had a sold out house with many presentations and panels happening all over…

Once Upon A Time

One of the bigger panels was featuring the show Once Upon a Time.  Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, the shows creators were first interviewed by Jeffrey Epstein of D23.  Colin O’Donoghue was brought on stage a little after to join the group.

The writers/creators talked about the transition of finishing one “chapter” of the show with six seasons and taking it into a new season. They gave insight into where Henry, the new lead character, would be going.  A new Enchanted Forest will come about from him finding his own story after being the author for his family’s.  We’ll see his wife, a new version of Cinderella, in the show.  And we’ll see the return of old favorites, like Hook.

O’Donoghue talked about things he enjoyed in filming so many seasons.  One of his favorite moments was in his first scene on the Jolly Roger where he played Hook opposite Robert Carlyle, who is one of his favorite actors.  Mentioned too was that he is not recognized well outside of the show because of not having makeup on.  Fans will think he looks like Hook and not believe he really plays him.

The panel got into a trivia game with ping pong paddles as true or false markers to see who remembers details of the show.  Kitsis was consistently the one that did not remember things, but took it quite humorously.

The show ended with a live singing from Colin O’Donoghue with a song he did for the musical episode in the sixth season.

Infinity War

Some long awaited statues emerged at the Marvel Studios booth for Avengers: Infinty War.  It came after the announcement and presentation for the movie.  The new maquettes are of Thanos’ chief lieutenants in the movie.

For more on Avengers: Infinity War and other movies announced, check out the post here.

Cast Member Showcase

One of the little found fun shows to see at the Expo is the Cast Member Showcase.  This is where you can find talent of various Disney Resort cast members and also at Imagineering.  The particular one I watched was of Disneyland sketch artists.

With one day left there is much more to see and do!  It’s been a blast so far, and looking forward to more I’ll see!

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