Sunday Spotlight: Space Mountain

Space Mountain has always been a favorite attraction of mine at the Disneyland Resort. It originally opened on May 29, 1977 and recently celebrated it’s 40th anniversary. The Disneyland version however, is not the original. The first of five incarnations of this attraction actually opened two years earlier at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. Where there wasn’t room for another Matterhorn attraction at Walt Disney World, there was room in Tomorrowland. Eventually the Space Mountain concept was decided on and Disney history was made. Since opening on January 15th, 1975 in Florida, Space Mountain has been recreated at the Disneyland Resort, Tokyo Disney Resort, Disneyland Paris, and Hong Kong Disneyland.

While there are multiple versions of this attraction, my home Disneyland Resort will always be my favorite (although Disneyland Paris’ version is incredible too!). It is always a fun race through space that makes me smile as I blast through Tomorrowland. The Star Wars Season of the Force Hyperspace Mountain overlay was also awesome.

Space Mountain 2017

Hyperspace Mountain

Space Mountain generally ends up with a long line so getting to this attraction early in the morning, or getting a Fastpass, is always a good idea. What is your favorite version of Space Mountain?