5 Reasons to Visit the Disneyland Resort During Summer of Heroes

This last week kicked off Summer of Heroes at the Disneyland Resort! This means adventuring with all of our favorite Marvel superheroes and exploring all there is to explore in this new universe. Since its opening to the public, I’ve been able to see various pieces of the summer event over the course of a couple days! Inspired by this, I’ve put together my top 5 reasons why you need to make it down to the Disneyland Resort to see it yourself!

Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout!

The first, and most obvious reason to visit Summer of Heroes is the newly re-themed drop ride centered around the Guardians of the Galaxy. Though the thrill ride has existed in Disney California Adventure since 2004, the new theming makes it feel like an entirely new experience. Even for guests who are unfamiliar with the films, it’s an immersive experience for something for everyone to enjoy. It is definitely not one to miss!


Avengers Training Initiative

An interactive show for the younger crowd, the Avengers Training Initiative takes recruits from age 6-12 and prepares them to join the Avengers by teaching them moves straight from the heroes themselves. This show is incredibly fun, especially if you have younger heroes in your party. Even if you don’t know any recruits, it is interesting to see Black Widow and Hawkeye on stage, particularly when performing one of the many stunts they have in the show.

Hero Action Center

An interactive point for heroes of all ages, you can take a short quiz to find out which of your traits lines up most with an Avenger. Once you finish the quiz, you get a sticker to represent which hero you aligned with, and a collectable comic for the launch of Summer of Heroes!


Heroic Encounters

New to the Disneyland Resort, Black Widow has started to meet guests in the Hollywood Backlot, much to Marvel lovers delight. Not only does she meet guests, Black Widow also has an entrance in a specialized Avengers transport on the way to and from her spot in the Backlot. 

A Whole New Universe

With all of these new offerings throughout the resort, it opens up an entirely new universe in Marvel. Different from the cinematic or comic universe, Summer of Heroes kicks of something called the Marvel Theme Park Universe. While most everything from the cinematic universe is still canon, this creates a new jumping off point of brand new stories to tell, without being too tied down by what’s happening in the box office.

While there is much more to explore in the Summer of Heroes, these were simply my top five reasons to not miss it! Make sure you make it into the parks by September 10 to #HeroUp, and let us know what you think!


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Caitie Bear

Caitie Bear

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