Snow White’s Grotto, Matterhorn, and Pirates – Disneyland Update & Sundays With DAPs

It’s the start of the transition time from Spring to Summer at the Disneyland Resort.  The parks will be gearing up for the Summer vacationers, and Grad Nights.  But, there is quite a bit that was updated before all this takes place.

Of course one of the big things to happen is the introduction of Matterhorn FastPass.  The lines had a significant wait time over the weekend, but when I went by it could have been because one side was not running.  The FastPasses are distributed via cart kiosks across from the ride.  The actual machines that will be permanent are yet to be seen.

Elsewhere in Fantasyland is Snow White’s Grotto, which had a small refurbishment to spruce it up.  The very small shows that happen every 10 minutes were back, and are a nice break from the busyness and heat of the park of late.

As the Summer comes near, the Disneyland Railroad exhibit will come to a close soon in order to get the trains back in order for the attractions reopening.  It’ll be some of the last days to get up close and personal with the New Orleans Square station and train itself.

In New Orleans Square, a couple of statues have been placed in the plant beds around Fantasmic viewing.  It adds to the motif of the land and are nice details to add to an already beautiful area of the park.

As construction is drawing to a close, more and more of the rock-work for the Rivers of America and train attraction can be seen.

Over in Disney California Adventure, Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout has scaffolding and tarps completely off.  The building has been fully unveiled.  The main entrance has a great decoration.  The rest of the building remains in the primary color scheme.

Already over a week old, the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales preview features some props and costumes from the upcoming film.  The preview itself features a full scene and trailer.  On the theater building itself is a remnant of the MuppetVision 3D attraction, but with a key part missing.  It’s a bittersweet find for us Muppets fans.

The parks still have great Spring flowers and fun things to do as the season winds to a close!  We’ll be back again this next week with more updates!

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